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[Still] as of March 2008, dated radio in keeping Hank Faunce and Dean Wallace in heart and memory: G/E will update soon. Thanks again to Edward, hear Hank from 2005 on WMFO 6 August 2013, the first Tuesday after the 30 July 2013 remembrance of Dean Wallace done by Ed, Chuck, and included John Grebe,...add..


Hank Faunce

is "taking a break" so consequently there will not be any hours of "share pleasure!"


G/E has to add Chuck U...and updated What's Left.... and may be even say something about all the propagation of proprietary and other plugs that a random "tune-in" is bound to get ya at times of WMFO most notably but also other stations in the 91.5 FM "range" of extending the ""permissible spectrum."